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    • Florida’s Most Popular Chinese-Language Newspaper*
    • A Vital Media Platform for Local Businesses and International Resources*
    • Multifaceted Channels (Digital, Print, Social Media) with Full Bilingual Capacities*
    • Based out of Cosmopolitan Florida
    • Serving Diverse Asian-American Communities Nationwide
    • Est. 2012

    The reasons to be our customers

    • Circulation: 20,000 copies Bi-weekly throughout Florida.
    • Our website /Chinese social media WeChat can reach 5000 daily.
    • A diversified platform offering to advertise, translating/interpreting, event planning, consultation, and business matchmaking, etc.
    • Regular Online Seminars Tailored for Your Business with Professional Translation(Click Youtube Video)
    • Affiliate Catering company– TK oriental for Your Diverse home and business Needs(Click here)

    Facts of Asian Americans Minority Group

    • Fastest Growing Minority Group in the U.S.: 72% Growth btw. 2000 and 2017;
    • Chinese Americans Fastest Growing Ethnic Group in Florida: 63% (Davie), 46% (Parkland)…
    • Chinese Americans Highest Median Household Income: $86,000 in 2015;
    • Chinese Americans Highest Homeownership Rate: 62%;
    • Highest Educational Attainment: Informed Business Decisions.
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